• Testimonies

    “What happened?” “I was mugged and robbed”. “Where? When? Are you all right?” “Yes. In a wood by a village near here.” “Were you raped?” I said nothing. “Were you raped?” “Yes.” I said it quietly, so as not to hear myself. I said it. I said it. I didn’t plan to say it, but I did. Read the whole story

  • Share your story

    Why do we talk naturally about an accident or robbery, but are afraid to talk about rape? Why does violation shame us? It is not something that is chosen, is it? Why are we force to hide? Break your silence. Share it because it’s more common than people think. Don’t encourage the social taboo of rape. We, victims of rape, are numerous. Read testimonies

  • From 2012 to 2019

    RAPE MAP exists thanks to the generous contribution of a reduced number of people that trusted the project in 2012. After seven years and 150 published testimonies, RAPE MAP ends a stage in 2019 and will remain as a witness of a period devoted to fight for rape to come to light. Press