Getting air from a party

The details are fuzzier than they were, which I guess is a blessing. It wasn’t that late… Memorial Day weekend, September ’09. I went to an acquaintances party, didn’t even drink that much. Chatted, made new friends, standard fare. I always get a little warm when I drink at all, and it was a small house. So I went to go for a quick walk, and one of the guys offered to walk with me. I accepted, and we walked for a few minutes, just talking and laughing. He tried to kiss me, I apologized for giving him the wrong impression, and he just… switched. Like something in him snapped. Everything about his demeanor changed. He grabbed my arm and spun my around really hard, such that I lost my balance and fell. He started cursing at me and then was just everywhere. He wrapped his hand around my throat and held me down and said that it’d be worse if I screamed, that I can’t just «act that way» and not expect someone to take what I was offering.

I don’t remember much after that. Or rather, have thoroughly blocked it. But I pulled my jeans back up and walked to back to the party to get my car. Called the police and went to the ER at UNMH.

Publicado el 23/01/2013