How I learned to never have a male friend ensure you make it home ok

It happened on my 22nd birthday. I went out with some friends for some drinks to celebrate my birthday, and of course a few people bought me shots. My SO was in the army, and unfortunately was away, so he wasn’t there. Because he wasn’t there, a friend of his offered to make sure I made it home ok. To be honest, I’m not sure what actually happened – at the restaurant, I was definitely intoxicated, but not stumbling, falling over drunk. I had a pretty good understanding of my alcohol limits, I always have. Regardless, the next thing I actually remember is waking up on my couch, to my SO’s «friend» having sex with me. I passed back out again, so I have no idea what else went on, or when he left. I didn’t report it, because, of course, I felt it was my fault for drinking so much, and I felt it was my fault because I didn’t tell him «no» (WTF was I thinking, how could I have???). To make matters worse, he continually bothered me for months afterwards, making it seem like we’d shared something great, and begging me for more. It’s a shame that I’d been well brainwashed by rape culture in those days, because he was one of those «nice guys» that everyone liked, so I can pretty much guarantee he probably did this to many other women as well.

Publicado el 8/02/2013