Life is for living

I was threatened with rape on more than one occasion through the years before, like I’d stumbled into some sort of organised bunch of men who did this to women for fun, threatened to rape them then tried to carry it out anyway they could. Some of those threats were horrific including how I was going to be cut in a sexual place with a broken glass bottle, these people don’t care, they probably even get kicks from reading this, that type. That’s as much as I want to say about it. They threatened me with trying to pass it off as something else as a way now I realise to keep me quiet to what was going on. I’m horrified because he made out that there was more than just me he was going to ruin the life of and get raped, even if they hadn’t been raped they would be because he kept tabs on them at all times, don’t ask me how so he knew where his victims were or his friends knew where they were.

When it did happen, I woke up and realised what was going on, how this thing just placed itself on top of me and as I started to become aware of what was going on, I went into abject auto pilot fortunately there was a XXX book on the shelf which I managed to distract him with. I then managed to get away from him to stand up and stood horrified. The rest is blurry for weeks after wards I would just stand up and feel sick, physically sick afterwards for several days horrified, sick, burning stuff I’d worn, having weeks where I’d start thinking about it and start to panic and then feel worse and worse and worse, and then relive that moment of sheer panic and feeling horrified and sick.

He’d sent me some strange stuff messages online, prior to that going on I’d been sent some revolting stuff which I reported, which I’m still horrified about. But no one on the social network wanted to do anything about.

Even now I still feel that revulsion, that sickness physically sick, but what I can’t get over is the way that this man was allegedly according to the threats was allowed to do this, get away with this as if the man who had been at the root of the issues had known him before he tried to do that to me.


Sadly it seems even the police in the end didn’t want to know and thats how these men get away with what they do. Blatant aggressive violent acts against women backed by the so called agencies that are supposed to help women who are stalked. Who these men use to help them further stalk the victims or make them targeted by other men who are as violent and as mentally ill or sexually perverted, or abusive as these men and that’s something I won’t ever forget and neither am I sure the person that I told this too.

And you of course.

Publicado el 6/02/2014